Mad Hatter costumes and hats for men & women, we only feature Mad Hatter costumes and accessories from the very best costume/fancy dress retailers in the UK, nothing else!

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Mad hatter costume is all about mad hatter fancy dress at the best possible price in the UK we have all the costumes and all the Mad hatter hats and also female mad hatter costumes.


If you are looking for a Mad hatter halloween costume or for another occasion then your at the right place. You may decide you only need a Mad hatter hat and mixed with the right sort of trousers and waist coat you can create a really authentic Mad hatter tea party costume.


The Mad Hatter was created by Lewis Caroll for his Alice in wonderland series of novels and has been a favorite character in our imaginations ever since.


"Mad as a Hatter” is an expresion still used today even though it comes from the time when hats were made using Mercury and enough exposure to Mercury and you will go mad (and eventually die) hat makers in the 18th century were exposed to horrific levels of Mercury and Lewis Carroll lived near a hat making factory in England and obviously this had an influence for his novels.


Another character at the time was a man called Theophilius Carter who was a well known eccentric living around Oxford who made weird furniture, he also would stand in his shop doorway wearing a tall hat and had the nickname “the mad hatter” Carroll who also lived in Oxford must have seen this man quite often.


If you choose to make a Mad hatter costume then a top hat is essential, a waist coat is also good with an overcoat and baggy trousers and finish the look with a pair of lace up shoes. Johnny Depp who starred as the Hatter in the latest Alice in Wondeland movie has raised the bar with his flamboyant costume, unfortunately the official movie costume is not yet available in the UK, although expensive it really is a fantastic Mad hatter costume.